Juicing Tips

Tips to Ensure Your Oscar or Hurom Lives A Long and Happy Life

Congratulations on the excitement of owning your new Cold Press Juicer. You have taken an important step towards improving your health and vitality – well done you!

• Oscar and Hurom Living Juicers feature a patented stone mill-like screw, made of hygienic FDA approved polycarbonate and contain NO dangerous toxic chemicals in their plastics such as Bisphenol A (BPA).

• Cold Press Living Juicers’ slow speed ensures full taste and nutrition. Nothing is lost through heated elements in your juicer.

• Cold Press Living Juicers are easy to assemble and dismantle for quick cleaning.

• Cold Press Living Juicers assure many years of trouble-free and dependable service.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your Cold Press Juicer working at its best for years to come…

Food Preparation

Your Cold Press Juicer is a SELF-FEEDING Juicer. This means that it will use its natural momentum to move your food through the juicer.

Always prepare your food in advance, cutting the pieces roughly the size of your index finger for best results. Alternate the varying types of food as you feed them through. The harder foods will help push through the softer foods, and also keep the juicing screen free of pulp build-up.

Please do not force food through your juicer as this will result in excessive pressure on the front end parts and may cause damage to your juicer. This kind of damage is not covered under warranty, so please be mindful of how you feed your juicer!

Nut Milk/Butter

Your juicer loves nuts! A great feature of these Cold Press Juicers is the ability to make fresh nut milks and nut butters. Please soak your nuts before attempting to put them through the mincing strainer. Do not pour all of the nuts in at once. It is best to sprinkle the nuts into your juicer for optimum results! Always remember – everything in moderation gives the best results.

Frozen Desserts

You can now enjoy healthy frozen desserts thanks to your Cold Press Juicer. But please, when making your sorbets and ice creams, allow the frozen fruit to defrost for approximately 10 minutes first.


These Cold Press Juicers make amazing wheatgrass juice. To make sure you are getting the best results from your wheatgrass, please only put through clumps approximately the size of your thumb.