More than just a cold press juicer, the Hurom Chef can grind, knead and even make pasta! Put simply, it is one of the most versatile products on the market. Nut butters, baby foods, soups, dips, smoothies, the list goes on and on and everything you need to produce these foods comes in the box. The Hurom Chef is also whisper quiet, BPA Free, includes 5 level pressure adjustment and one-touch drum release.

For a healthy lifestyle

Your ‘4-in-1’ Juicer, Grinder, Kneader & Pasta Maker

Simple & Easy

The Hurom Chef features various easy-to-use nozzles that have been designed to satisfy specific cooking needs.

Clean & Durable

Not only does the Hurom Chef boast luxurious color and design, it is also highly durable. The machine also has detachable parts, which makes cleanup much easier.

Adjustable Juicing Cap 

The new adjustable juicing cap can now control the pressure at which the pulp is discharged, making it possible for the user to juice various types of ingredients with greater precision.

Multifunctional 4-in-1 Machine

Not only can this highly versatile machine juice fruits and vegetables, it can also help users prepare a wide range of recipes. The Hurom Chef can be used to grind and blend ingredients, and depending on how the strainer and grinding chamber are assembled users can knead dough for noodles, make rice cakes and produce natural seasonings.



GH Chef


163mm x 345mm x 424mm


6 kg





Cord Length

4.5ft (1.4 m)


Single-phase Induction

Auger RPM


Rated Usage

Less than 30 mins continuously


CE / C Tick


10 years on motor, 2 years on parts and labour

  • Motor body
  • Ultem juicing strainer
  • Mincing/Blank screen
  • Ultem screw (auger)
  • Drum
  • Drum cap
  • Pressure adjustment cap
  • Chute cover
  • Set of four (4) pasta nozzles
  • Hopper
  • Collection bowls
  • Food pusher
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual & recipe book

NOTE: This juicer is also known as the GT Series Chef model & GH-SBF06