Oscar Juicer Series

The most trusted, reliable and user friendly single gear machines in the world.

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Oscar juicers are superior to all other centrifugal and single gear juicers and literally pay for themselves within months.

These wheatgrass and fruit and vegetable juicers also function as living food processors, able to mince, puree, process noodles and pasta, make frozen fruit ice creams and sorbets, and much more. The Oscar brand of juicers may have been copied, but their quality remains number one.

Oscar juicers are the most sought after single gear juicers in the world. A leader in design and technology, the revolutionary Oscar juicers are world renowned for being easy to use and clean, and feature hard-wearing parts with energy efficient motors, providing the maximum amount of pulp-free juice from a single gear machine.

The living enzymes in the juice produced by the Oscar Living Juicer ensures a fresh and living juice that retains appearance, flavour and nutrients for up to 48 hours when stored in the refrigerator. Juice from conventional juicers deteriorates very quickly. One way to see the quick deterioration of juice from high speed juicers is the brown colour of the bubbles on the side of your drinking glass. This means your juice is no longer living – it’s dying (oxidising) in your glass and inside you.

With the ability to extract increased quality and quantity of juice from the largest array of fruits, vegetables and grasses, such as wheat, barley & alfalfa – as well as from pine needles, herbs and fibrous plants – the Oscar juicers have now been fully patented to avoid problems encountered earlier with ‘imitation’ Oscar juicers flooding the market.

The Oscar juicers also double as food mills, where you are able to make nut butters, frozen fruit ice creams, soup, nut milks, desserts, dips and smoothies, including soy, rice and nut based drinks.

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Manufactured in Korea, the Oscar has a solid reputation of being one of the best quality cold-press juicers on the market.

Note: Hurom, Oscar and Omega juicers are identical machines branded differently in various countries.

The parent company, Dong Ah of Korea, has specialised in the manufacture of juicers and extractors for more than 35 years. Many familiar juicers under popular brands are manufactured by Dong-Ah of Korea.

Oscar Juicers: Revolutionising The Way We Juice