Oscar VitalMax DA 900

This model has been discontinued.


Well received on its release in mid 2005, the Oscar VitalMax DA-900 cemented Oscar as the premiere single gear juice extractor in the world.

the original | the best

With the ability to extract increased quality and quantity of juice from the largest array of fruits, vegetables and wheat grasses due to the silicone juicing screen and three phase auger, and including a combined gearbox and motor, the Oscar VitalMax DA-900 has been fully patented to avoid problems encountered earlier with imitation Oscar juicers flooding the market.

The DA-900 is also a food mill, allowing you to make nut butters, frozen fruit ice creams, soup, nut milks, desserts and dips.

The Oscar VitalMax is absolutely the most reliable, best performing, quickest to clean, easiest to assemble and use appliance of it’s type and it has the least number of parts – just 4 plus the hopper!

The Revolutionary Single Gear Juicer
We have never seen a finer juicer than the Oscar VitalMax DA-900. It revolutionises single gear juicing with the latest in manufacturing technologies and advancements to provide an attractive and functional – high yield, more juice / no pulp extraction process.


The VitalMax has a patented three-step auger crushing system which provides the maximum pulp-free juice.

The patented design of the VitalMax 3-phase extraction auger, juicing cone and drum creates a turbulent force, which results in maximum juice, increased vitamin content and minimum pulp.

The auger rotates at 75 to 80 revolutions per minute, producing a living juice. The careful precision pestle and mortar action of the DA-900 means the juice retains up to 60% more nutrients than conventional juicers and a significantly higher volume of juice is produced.

The living enzymes in the juice produced by the Oscar VitalMax ensures a fresh and living juice which retains appearance, flavour and nutrients for up to 48 hours when stored in the refrigerator. Juice from conventional juicers deteriorates very quickly. One way to see the quick deterioration of juice from high speed juicers is the brown colour of the bubbles on the side of your drinking glass. This means your juice is no longer living – it’s dying (oxidising) in your glass and inside you.

At the time of its release, the DA-900 had:

  •  ALL NEW 3 phase extraction auger – ALL other gear juicers have a 2 phase gear
  • ALL NEW 2 step juicing screen – ALL other gear juicers have a single step screen
  • Highest juice extraction process – means more juice and less pulp!
  • NEW combined motor/gearbox with 20 year warranty!
  • NEW improved efficiency of juicing screen and plunger through the inclusion of silicon seals – no pressure or juice loss

Oscar VitalMax juicer additional features:

  • Patented three-step auger crushing system, gives you maximum pulp free juice.
  • Quality brand motor with capacitor and external fan to prolong the motor’s life.
  • Easy to clean and operate – simple 5 part assembly.
  • Specialised drum cap for food processing.
  • 6 different food nozzles for different pastas and breadsticks

More Juice for Your Time and Money
The precision juicing technique of the Oscar VitalMax presses out 20% more juice than the original Oscar. Those who consume fresh, living vegetable juice most days of the week spend an average of at least $50 per week on produce. The Oscar VitalMax presses out 20% more juice which means you are saving $10 or so a week. Over the period of a year you can save around $500 over other machines.

The Juicer Has Paid For Itself

The Oscar VitalMax juicer comes with all new silicon seals on both plunger and juicing screens to produce a true pulp free juice without the need of a sieve.

The inventor of the single gear juicer realised consumers wanted to juice both fruit and vegetables successfully. While centrifugal juicers will produce a mushy pulp from fruits, and twin gear juicers struggle to retain throughput with fruits (juice backs up the feeding chute) the VitalMax has a silicon seal, which allows the fruit juice to be more readily separated from the pulp.


The basis of drinking juice is to separate the fibre from the juice so it can be easily assimilated into the bloodstream. By providing separate fruit and vegetable juicing screens you will get more value from your produce and also a more valuable juice.

VitalMax Build Quality — the first ever 20 year warranty!
The Oscar VitalMax is equipped with an ALL NEW combined motor and gearbox creating a low vibration, low noise machine that doubles the life span and efficiency of this powerful 200 watt motor. The VitalMax comes with a twenty year warranty on the motor, and five years on all other parts. No other juicer is able to offer this length of warranty — the VitalMax is built to last — and you’ll never need to upgrade your juicer again.

A multi-purpose juicer and food processor

  1. A fruit juice extractor
    Efficiently juices soft and hard fruits, even citrus fruits, usually one of the hardest fruits to juice with a living juicer.
  2. A vegetable juice extractor
    Juices all kinds of vegetables, including celery, carrots, peppers, radishes, cabbage without destroying the natural flavour and nutrition. Fresh taste and full nutrition are guaranteed with this unique extraction process.
  3. A grass juice extractor
    Wheat grasses, aloe leaves and pine tree needles are just some of the other natural products that can be juiced with the Oscar VitalMax. Enjoy the best that nature offers in raw foods of all kinds and juice them for full nutritional benefits.
  4. Multiple mincer / chopper functions
    Also chops and minces, providing natural flavour and nutrition from garlic, red pepper, ginger, radish and many other foods, including herbs and seasonings. Soft foods for special diets for babies and geriatric patients are quick and easy to prepare with the chopper attachment.
  5. A pasta and noodle extruder
    Make fresh pasta and noodles in just minutes with the handy pasta nozzles.

The entertainer: Make soups, hummus, pesto, sweet rice, olive paste, fruit flans, carrot cake – all sorts of tasty bits and pieces for a memorable dinner party or barbeque.

The health-conscious: Nut butters, vegetable juices (including grasses such as wheatgrass and aloe leaves), porridge, nut milks and herb juices.

The busy parent: Healthy homemade baby food, fruit juice, salad dressings and mixes, mayonnaise, easy DIY pasta and noodles, even crackers and jams.

For the little people: Feed the starving hordes healthy after-school or between-meal treats like frozen fruit ice creams, smoothies, fruit slushes and fresh juices to taste.

And it’s QUIET!

For your own peace of mind, the Oscar VitalMax Juicer is backed by a 5 year warranty on the juicing head and a 20 year warranty on the motor against mechanical fault.

Easy to operate, easy to clean, the Oscar VitalMax DA-900 also comes with a book full of great recipes centred on making living foods and gives some hints and tips passed along by happy customers.

The complete package: Efficient, economical, the best multi-purpose living juicer on the market. Give your family a helping hand to a healthy body – make the Oscar VitalMax DA-900 your must-have kitchen accessory.

The DA-900 juicer uses a crushing and squeezing action, similar to cold pressing, that doesn’t destroy the enzymes. That’s what we mean when we talk about living juice and living food — juices and foods that are full of nutrients and essential enzymes.

Because it also squeezes just about every last drop of moisture out of fresh produce, the Oscar DA-900 is economical and reduces wastage.

Don’t spend your hard earned money on a product that doesn’t deliver according to expectations. Quality manufacturing including a Dae Young motor also makes the Oscar Vital Max DA-900 stand out.

This juicer can cater for everyone in the family


Built to superior safety standards
With a combined motor and gearbox producing greater torque, a 200 watt motor gives ample power and you get twice the operating life. All internal clips and wiring are fully insulated for safety and to prevent corrosion.

geneva_medal Awards – 2004 Gold medal winner at Geneva International Invention and Patent Products Exhibition 2004
Model: DA-900
Dimensions (L x D x H): 260mm x 190mm x 220mm
Weight: 6kg net / 9kg gross
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz (200W power)
Motor: Single-phase Induction
Screw RPM: 75
Fuse: T5AL 250VAC
Certified: CE
Warranty: 20 years motor, 5 years parts and labour
In the box:
motor body, hopper, drum, auger, juicing screen, mincing (blank) screen, drum cap, set of six (6) pasta nozzles, food pusher (tamper), set of two (2) collection bowls, cleaning brush, user manual


Oscar Juicers: Revolutionising The Way We Juice