Hurom Premium HG

This model has been discontinued.



Slim and luxurious, with all new stainless steel housing, the Premium HG has it all!

New Compact Design | BPA Free | Large Capacity Bowl | Lower RPM | Brushed Stainless Finish

The Hurom HU-600 Premium HG Series, officially known as the HG-SBI06, is part of the latest generation of Hurom models, released in Australia for spring 2013. Stunning good looks are accompanied by some nifty innovations on the winning formula that keeps Hurom juicers at the cutting edge of cold-press juicer design, including updated front end juicing parts, as well as slight variations to the body design and materials used in the finish.

Hurom have a bewildering array of model numbers to choose from and the differences between them don’t consistently indicate major product improvements. Sometimes a different model number indicates nothing more than a different shape or colour, while all other features might be identical and interchangeable. From the original HU-100 to the HU-600/700, we have seen subtle improvements in functionality, performance and strength of parts.

Please note that the new Hurom Premium HF and HG series are very similar units, however the HG takes it a step further by incorporating a lower RPM of ~40-50 compared to the usual ~70-80 and a slimmer, more rounded body.

With its stunning contemporary design, the HG features a non-drip juice valve for less mess, portion measurement, mixing function and simpler cleaning.

The redesigned silicone wiper blades allow less pulp into the juice, while a larger 500ml juice bowl with gradations for measuring allow exact quantities of juice in the serving before it is dispensed. BPA free juicing parts mean no worries about chemicals getting into your juice and the simpler locating system for the parts makes for easier assembly. A second cleaning brush makes clean up even quicker and with one GE Ultem juicing screen for soft fruit (coarse) and another for hard fruit and vegetables (fine), there’s no limit to what you can do. The pulp ejection chute has been widened slightly and recessed openings at the base allow the machine to be lifted, as there is no carry handle, but apart from these changes, the juicing strainers, auger and motor are the same as on previous models.

In place of the usual two-speed motor, which has been used in other models, a three-speed motor that operates at only 42 RPM is now used. It is believed lower revolutions (~40 instead of ~80 RPM) ensures juice quality is again raised and even more enzymes are retained.

Like the HE model, the middle gear, or star cog, sits at the back of the drum, where as in previous models it sat in the front. This makes a significant difference in juice quality, as it now processes the pulp from the back, not the front. This minimises the pulp being pushed through the juice outlet, which results in a pulpy juice.

Also new for 2013 in this premium version is the introduction of a brushed stainless effect, high sheen metal motor housing, which gives a lustrous finish to grace any kitchen and a more solid, durable feel than the all plastic versions of Hurom juicers. This is also the most fully accessorised version in the range, with both fine and coarse BPA free GE Ultem juicing screens supplied as standard. The final enhancement is the lower rotational speed, which ensures even more nutrients are retained.

Squeezed instead of ground to preserve natural flavour and nutrition

Hurom’s innovative technology is the result of over 40 years of research into juicing. Traditional juicers use sharp blades rotating at high-speed to grind the fruit and vegetables. This heats up the food, causing oxidation and destroying the very nutrients and enzymes people are hoping to extract.

The Hurom Slow Juicer uses patented world-first technology (SSS™) that slowly squeezes fruit maintaining a low temperature and helping preserve the natural taste and nutrition.

For a healthy lifestyle

In the modern world, so much of the food we eat is heavily processed, destroying the nutrients we need and the flavour we enjoy.
The Hurom Slow Juicer helps people get back to a healthier, more natural way of accessing vital nutrients and enjoying the rich natural flavour of fruit and vegetables.

Improved nutrition

Juice squeezed from a Hurom Slow Juicer is richer in natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than the output from regular juicers. These nutrients play a vital role in sustaining our bodies, helping us feel better and look healthier. There’s no mistaking the radiant shine of someone who gains all their nutrients from fresh natural foods.

Restoring balance to diets

It’s hard for most people to totally avoid harmful foods. The Hurom Slow juicer helps right the wrongs of everyday living with delicious nutrient rich juice.

Slow Squeezing System (SSS) preserve the natural taste and nutrition of vegetables and fruit using world-first patented technology
Create unique recipes an infinite range of recipes for fruits, vegetables and even baby food
Easy Washing cleaning couldn’t be simpler
Low Noise the Condenser Reducer Motor vibrates less ensuring quiet operation
Premium Design thoroughly tested for durability and ease of use

Renowned for their ease of use, speed of juicing and quality build the new Hurom Premium series is ideal for those looking for a time saving, easy to use masticating juicer. No compromise has been made with this new generation of Hurom juicers and the HG will quite simply be the pride of your kitchen and last juicer you will ever buy!

hurom_sssSlow Squeezing System (SSS)

Traditional slow speed horizontal masticating juicers have a much smaller surface area on the juicing strainer, which somewhat restricts the juice extraction process. Hurom changed that by inventing the vertical juicer and moving the juicing mechanism to the top of the juice extractor and using a strainer with a larger surface area, which results in the juice passing through much quicker after it has been juiced. While still operating at 70-80 RPM like traditional horizontal units, Hurom juicers can produce a litre of juice in about half the time it takes in traditional horizontal machines.

In the past customers who have been frustrated by the slow speed of horizontal masticating juicers have opted for centrifugal juicers, however high speed juicers oxidise the juice quickly, resulting in poorer nutritional value, very little enzymes and no storage value, however with the new Hurom juicer HG Series, you get the benefit of much faster processing times with juice that can be stored for 48 hours with minimal loss of nutrients.

Another benefit to having the juicing mechanism at the top of the juicer means the produce you feed in pretty much self-feeds as the squeezing screw draws the produce in, eliminating the need to use the food pusher with anything but leafy greens.

The unique silicone wiper-blade system rotates in between the juice bowl and juicing strainer, effectively cleaning the inside of excess pulp to prevent the juicer from blocking up during use. This part has been improved in the new HF, HG and HH to ensure less pulp enters the juice and less cleaning.

The addition of a silicone non-drip juice valve and cap on the juice outlet offers several advantages over previous models without this feature. As well as eliminating drips onto the work surface, this allows the juice bowl to be filled with water at the end of a juicing session so that the silicone wiper blades can do more of the cleaning and you less! The new larger 500ml juice bowl also has a measurement scale that allows juice to be accurately gauged and then you simply open the valve to dispense the juice.

Scientific Support for Hurom Technology

There are claims being made that with the addition of the juice cap on the new Hurom models, when fixed in the closed position, allows the juice to be combined together before being released. It is being likened to the theory long proclaimed by Max Gerson that when different nutrients in juice are mixed with one another under pressure, they produce a more nutritious juice as nutrients from the pulp are passed through. As yet there is no documentary evidence to support this with this particular juice extractor.

Dr Max Gerson (of the world famous Gerson Institute) recommend that pulp and juice should be mixed before pressing, thereby effectively capturing more nutrients from the pulp. Using the new juice cap, the pulp and juice are in contact with each other for longer, allowing the juice a greater opportunity to flush ‘sticky’ nutrients from the cell membranes and fibres (pulp) of the fruit and vegetables being cold-pressed. With the new Hurom models, the juice valve means you can have up to a half litre of juice that is potentially rinsing extra nutrients from the pulp as it is being ground up by the auger, or juicing screw. This mixing feature as the wiper blades stir the juice means, with mixed ingredients, your juice cocktail is already perfectly blended when you dispense it, with less foam or froth.

Tests from the Michelson Laboratories Inc. and the Korean Food Research Institute confirm that this juicer extracts: 42.7% more Vitamin C, 60.7% more Vitamin A when compared to traditional juicers. This research was certified by the FDA and the USDA.

Simple to Clean

Simply close the juice cap and pour water through the machine whilst it is running as normal. The water will flush out most of the remaining pulp and juice, which is handy if you need to rinse it when doing different juices. A thorough clean with the included brush can then be done, removing any fibres that might be caught in the mesh. There are two cleaning brushes provided with the HG model and one of the brushes has a handy detachable smaller brush to get at hard to reach areas.

Recommended Uses

While vertical juicers are capable of juicing fruits, soft fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and wheatgrass, we consider them to be more of an all-round juice extractor. They perform better with softer produce like berries, pineapple and oranges, which horizontal machines generally struggle with, but if you mainly want to juice wheatgrass and leafy greens then the horizontal juicers do give better results. If you are looking for a juicer to do a bit of everything very well, then you can’t go wrong with a Hurom slow juicer.

Milk Alternatives

Having the ability to make your own Soy, Almond, Rice or Oat milk can help you save money and also cater to different family members’ dietary needs. Creating your own style can be done very quickly with the Hurom HG and this can be stored or made and used freshly each day.

Hurom – a must for health conscious people.
Model: HG-SBI06 (HU-600)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 159mm x 223mm x 418mm
Weight (nett / gross): 5.4 kg / 9 kg
RPM: 42
Motor: Single-Phase Induction
Wattage: 150W
Voltage / Frequency: 230V / 50Hz/60Hz
Fuse: 250V 5A
Certified: CE & C-Tick
Cord Length: 4.5ft (1.4 m)
Rated Usage: Less than 30 mins continuously
Warranty: 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts and labour
In the box:
motor body, dust collector, hopper, squeezing screw (auger), juicing strainer (coarse), juicing strainer (fine), spinning brush, bowl (with juice cap), food pusher (tamper), set of two (2) collection bowls, set of two (2) cleaning brushes, user manual
This juicer is known by various model codes throughout the world, including HG-SBF06, HG-SBE06 & HG-SBI06. As long as the model number contains HG-*06, it is from this series.

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